Download free technology preview

To estimate the project download free technology preview version of the app. The project is still in development stage so current version is intended only to demostrate the concept, so you can evaluate ideas implemented, and give us your feedback about how to develop the project so that it will fully meet your expectations. App doesn't require installation but depending to your system configuration you will need to perform some settings to make the app work fine.

The system works on Microsoft .NET Framework. This platform is already preinstalled on most modern Windows versions. But current version of your .NET installation may not meet program requirements. Currently (February 2016) we use one of the latest versions of .NET: 4.6. You can download this version here: Also you can try to run the program on the latest 4.6.1 version: .NET Framework allows different versions to be installed side-by-side, so you should not worry about the fact that some older version is already installed on your PC.

Current implementation of Poker Advisor is based on table tracking via image recognition. The system makes poker table screenshots and tries to recognize them several times per second. Currently such implementation has some limitations. That's why to make everything work fine you need to setup the following settings:

  1. Ensure that all PokerStars tables are set up to default size. You need to select each table and press Ctrl+B:

    Reset to default size
  2. Next step: ensure that you use classic table theme. If your table theme is not classic go to Table Themes window as these figures show:

    Go to Table Themes from PokerStars table
    From the table
    Go to Settings (PokerStars 7) Go to Table Themes (PokerStars 7)
    From PokerStars 7 main lobby
  3. In the Table Themes window set up everything as shown at the following figure:

    PokerStars Table Themes window

    In addition to classic theme, front and back of cards should also have such a classic look. 4 Color Deck should be disabled.

  4. Also it's highly desirable to disable pop-up tournament announcements:

    Go to Tournament Announcements Options (PokerStars 7) Block Pop-up Announcements (PokerStars 7)
    PokerStars 7 client
  5. Nevertheless it's also desirable that you use Simplified animation instead of full (or even better turn it off completely):

    Setup Simplified Animation (PokerStars 7)
    PokerStars 7
  6. It's also desirable to disable "Dim Players Not In The Hand":

    Disable Dim Players Not In Hand (PokerStars 7)
  7. These were the main settings that you probably have to change. The following settings are likely already set up as they should, but nevertheless make sure that they are configured so:

    • PokerStars 7:

      • User interface language: English;

      • Table Appearance > Cards > Show Large Opponent Cards - should be disabled;

      • Table Appearance > Cards > Show Full Hole Cards - should be disabled;

      • Table Appearance > Table Display > Display Bet Amounts - should be enabled;

Just in case this description is duplicated in Readme.docx, which is included in downloadable zip. If you've done everything correctly, run Advisor.exe and start playing.

P.S.: Main exe is not signed by any certificate, but it requires to run itselt with administrative rights. Windows doesn't allow track start\stop of PokerStars process without administrative privileges. So if you are concerned about viruses in the main exe, here is virustotal report:

Thank you for your attention to our product! :)